Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Stephen King Project 2012, June Reviews

June. We're in June already. And it's time for your June reviews. Throughout the month of June, when you review a Stephen King book or film adaption of a Stephen King book, follow the crucial reminders below:
  1. Write your review on your blog.
  2. Include a little marketing for The Stephen King Project and add the link to this site and also one of the buttons (located in the left-hand margin) to your review post.
  3. Add your June review blog's link to this post if you reviewed the King book in June 2012.
  4. Enter with your blog name and in parentheses the name of the Stephen King title. For example, if you reviewed Stephen King's book Needful Things, your entry in the "Your Name" field should look like this: Your Blog Name (Needful Things).
  5. You're now qualified to be entered into the monthly drawing for June 2012 to win a copy of a Stephen King book.
We are ready to read your reviews and celebrate the halfway point in 2012 of all things Stephen King!