The Project Overview

Welcome to The Project. Read the below and then click here to link your announcement post with your fellow participants.

The Stephen King Project Overview
  1. This will run from January through December 2012
  2. Anyone can join. But you should have a blog OR an account with Goodreads, Shelfari, etc., so you can write your reviews and we can visit via the link at The Stephen King Project.
  3. The Project will be hosted at The Stephen King Project. Participants should link their reviews to the Linky there.
  4. Audiobooks count.
  5. E-books count.
What Are the Commitment Levels?
  • A King Novice: 1 book
  • A Lil Bit of King: 3 books
  • A King to Balance It All: 6 books
  • A King Legend: 9 books
  • A King for All Seasons: 12+ books
What About the Movies?
  • Hell. YEAH. Same rules from the above apply, except...
  • You can mix and match but you should have more books than films in your end-of-year total tally.
What Should You Do Now?
  1. Write an announcement post on your blog.
  2. You don't have to put a list of books together in your announcement post. Or you can.
  3. Use one of the blog buttons from the sidebar.
  4. Enter the link to your announcement post here at The Stephen King Project at the appropriate post.
  5. Every time you write a review, enter the link to it for the appropriate month at the review site. (On the 1st of each month, a new entry will be posted at the review site, and you can link up your reviews there).
  6. At the end of each month, one participant from that month will be selected via and will win a book from either Kathleen or I (or we may both have a book to give you). The book may or may not be King-related.
  7. At the end of the year, one participant from the year will win a $50 gift card!

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